Custom Vacuum End Effector Solutions for food and packaging applications

Development of  gripping solutions for all types of robotic tasks, including manufacture of special project-tailored end of arm tooling.

Experts in Gripping Solutions for robotic handling

Gripwiq delivers vacuum end effector solutions for robotic food handling and packaging applications. The essence of our gripping solutions is a custom tailored approach combined with the innovative SofTouch handling concept. 

Our goal is to optimize pick and place handling through development of customized end effector solutions which are gentle, food grade and efficient under high speed applications . The gripping technology we offer, has been proven to deliver great results for handling raw, frozen as well as container/bags packaged food products. We make suction cup gripper solutions for both automated food processing and packaging operations.

The core elements in all our solutions are SofTouch and QuickZhift concepts. SofTouch stands for gentle yet firm vacuum application, whereas QuickZhift insures effortless change between production operations. We only work with high quality and safe for food contact materials which are in compliance with EU regulations, extended requirements in France and national recommendations in Germany.

In addition, our long experience in the field of industrial automation and innovative approach to the end or arm tooling, allows us to produce end effector solutions for even very difficult to handle products. We embrace challenging tasks so don’t hesitate reaching out if you have got one.                

Custom solutions

Our main focus and passion is to develop customized gripping solutions, tailored to our customers’ needs.

Higher performance

With our SofTouch and QuickZhift concepts, you will increase the benefits of automated packaging and handling tasks.


Our suction cups and grippers are developed for the food industry. We only use high quality FCM which comply with EU and FDA food safety regulations.


Total Gripping Solution

We develop and manufacture a complete gripping solution, which means the only thing you will need to do is to provide us information about operational conditions and product’s characteristics. The rest, which includes adapter system, end effectors and other components like arm extension , mount tooling, vacuum swivel, hose clips …etc. will be provided by us.

Fixed Price

We run a fixed price policy, which means there are will not be any additional expenses you will have to cover. After all the necessary information has been obtained, we will send you a fixed price offer, which you can accept or decline. We believe that transparency and reliability are the cornerstones of long term and mutually beneficial business relations.

Support and Expertise

Our team will gladly provide you with technical support along the whole processes. The testing and verification of prototypes are usually made in close cooperation with our experts in order to insure efficiency and high performance of the final solution. We also provide a follow up support if required.

SofTouch Suction cup Solution

The SofTouch Suction cup Solution constitutes a wide range of custom suction grippers which are designed to insure gentle, yet firm application. The SofTouch end effectors are custom tailored, thus can easily manage even a very difficult to automate tasks. This gripping solution guarantees flexible handling without compromising on quality nor speed. Ideal for delicate food handling and safe packaging applications.

Vacuum end effector for packaging
suction gripper

SofTouch Gripper Solution

The SofTouch Gripper Solution is comprised of 3 types of custom gripper series that are designed to provide soft grip and stability at high speed applications. The grippers are great  for packaging and food handling tasks where food contact compliance and efficiency of application are required.   

QuickZhift System

Our patented QuickZhift system is a simple quick-change tool to switch between nearly all gripper tools, compatible with all robots.
Along with our innovative swivel unit and SofTouch products, you will get an optimal solution for your production.

End of arm tooling adapter system

Suction cups working principle

Basics about vacuum end effectors

  • Vacuum suction cups are usually manufactured of nitrile, silicone, and polyurethanes.
  • Suction cup does not actually attach itself to the product’s surface, instead it holds against it.
  • Vacuum pressure is generated at the moment suction cup contacts with product, by drawing out the air from its interior and creating difference in pressure levels inside and outside of the cup.
  • Force of hold is determined by difference in atmospheric and inside the cup pressure.
  • Selection of suction cup should be based on at least three criteria:
    1. Workpiece surface, size, and weight features.
    2. Material it is made of.
    3. Operating conditions. 
Vacuum Suction cup for industrial handling
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