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End of Arm tooling Solutions

We are a company based in Denmark, specialising in development and production of end of arm tooling solutions for first and second hand vacuum applications in food industry. Our solutions aim to optimize pick and place and pick and pack operations of difficult to handle products. We deliver a total solution comprised of high quality FCM custom suction cups and/or grippers, quick shift adapter system and expert support during and after integration. 

The core element in all our solutions is a SofTouch concept, which stands for gentle yet firm vacuum application provided by our food grade silicone suction grippers and cups.    

Custom solutions

Our main focus and passion, is creating custom solutions, tailored to our customers’ needs and demands.

Higher performance

With our SofTouch and QuickZhift products, we can optimize the performance of our customers production lines.


Our products are primarily developed for the food industry; therefore we use only food safe materials, and techniques that are gentle and non-damaging to your products.

Vacuum suction cup

End of arm tooling - SofTouch concept

Customized gripper tools such as suction cups or graspers, customised shape and function for the customer’s products and needs.
Each product’s properties are taken into consideration when the solution is made, such as shape and softness, to ensure the correct pressure and suction sensitivity.

Adapter system QuickZhift

Our patented QuickZhift system is a simple quick-change tool to switch between nearly all gripper tools, compatible with all robots.
Along with our innovative swivel unit and SofTouch products, you will get an optimal solution for your production.

End of arm tooling adapter system

Rene Nørgaard

CEO / Co-founder

Mads M. Pedersen

CTO / Co-founder

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If you have any questions about our products or if you’re interested in hearing more about what we can offer you and your production, please feel free to contact us for a meeting and a talk about our solutions.
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