Tool Changer System - QuickZhift 55


Compact – Simple – Reliable 

Robot adapter

Robot adapter fits all robots and cobots.

• Standard and custom

Base part

Base for building out the system

Mount system

Tool mount for CS and ST series. Customized version available.

• Hygienic design

• Quick change of tools



Swivel with 1/4″ and 1/2″ threaded connection for vacuum and blow-off.

• Full range rotation

• Optional blow off push in size

• Adapter option for vacuum connection 

• Vacuum connection Ø20 standard 


Suction cup or gripper

Tool from our SoftTouch gripping solutions.

• Food safe

• Easy to change

• Soft touch principle


Compact and simple quick-change tool system QZ-55

QuickZhift 55 system is developed for applications, which payload do not exceed 1 kg. It is ideal for high-speed applications, where the tool connector needs to be particularly reliable.

A simple and hygienic design of the system allows food items to be safely delivered to low trays or other similar packaging solutions.

All parts of the QZ-55 can easily be dismounted for cleaning or exchange.

The change of tools is performed within seconds, thanks to the innovative QuickZhift concept. 

It has been proven to be efficient and compatible with a wide array of industrial robots and cobots.

Available for purchase without our SofTouch tools. 

Compact, simple and reliable! 


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Compact system for quick change of tools

Compact tool changer system QZ-55 allows easy and safe change of any end effectors. The innovative swivel design enables full rotation and 1/4″ and 1/2″ treaded connection for vacuum and blow-off. Change of tools within seconds due to a simple ‘slide in/out’ principle. Complies with food contact safety regulations.

Innovative and Hygienic design

All parts of QZ system are developed with food production hygiene requirements in mind. Easy to dismount. Easy to keep clean.

Custom Robot coupler

Order your custom QuickZhift 75 system as a part of our SofTouch Solution or as a single product for optimization your existing eoat. Fits on all robots.