Tool Changer System – QuickZhift 75



Quick – Flexible – Easy to integrate


Swivel with optional blow-off top or side.

• Gives the possibility of high vacuum flow

• Extended life span of the vacuum hose without tangles

• Easy dismantling for cleaning 


Tool from our SoftTouch gripping solutions.

• Firm yet gentle.

• Food grade

• Fast applications

• Easy change

Robot tool changer

Robot mount and Base part

Robot mount fits all robots and cobots.

• Hygienic design

• Custom mount parts available

• Base for building out the system 


Extension for delivering into tall boxes.

• Custom length available

Tool mount

Tool mount for our SofTouch Gripper and Suction cup solutions.

• Option for modification to fit any tools

Simple and innovative Robot Tool Changer

Our innovative QuickZhift 75 tool changer is designed to improve safety and efficiency of any automated processes within food and packaging applications. The development of QZ-75 system is drawn on our extended experience in the automated food production industry and thereby represents our approach to solve down time and safety related issues.

The unique design allows a quick change of any type of robotic tooling without the need for special assistance. Just press both sides in and simply slide the tool out. Replace with a new one and slide back in until clicks. Easy change between applications with minimal down time.  

In addition, the integrated extension allows goods to be delivered reliably into tall trays and boxes. The option of customized extension length is available.

All constitutional parts have a hygiene – friendly design and simple to dismount or exchange. Suitable for industrial dishwasher and manual cleaning.  

The QZ75 fits on all robot types and is compatible with most end effectors. The customization of constitutional parts is also available. We strive to deliver the best product possible whether it is one of our SofTouch gripping solutions or QuickZhift Robot Tool Changer. 

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Quick change of tools

Minimize downtime by changing tools in seconds. Simple ‘slide-in/out’ principle. No need for extra tooling in production. 

Innovative and Hygienic design

All parts of the QZ system are developed with food production hygiene requirements in mind. Easy to dismount. Easy to keep clean.

Tailored Robot coupler

Order your tailored QuickZhift – 75 system as a part of our SofTouch Gripping Solution or as a single product for optimization of your existing robot grippers. Fits on all robots.

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