SofTouch Suction Cup Solution

vacuum suction cup solution for industrial handling

Custom vacuum suction cups for gentle handling

The SofTouch Suction cup Solution constitutes 4 series of custom vacuum suction cups, which are developed for automated pick and place tasks in various areas of food processing industry.

 These vacuum suction cups provide gentle and safe handling of nearly all food products. Each series has a distinct design and load capacity, making it possible to select the most optimal gripping solution for a concrete workpiece. Whether we talk small and delicate products or large and awkward to lift/move ones, the SofTouch Suction Solution can easily manage it all.  

The core principle of this lifting solution is to move workpieces through utilization of vacuum technology. The pick and place handling is performed by initiation of difference in atmospheric pressure inside and outside of suction cup, right at the moment of contact with workpiece. The firmness of grip is usually regulated by vacuum flow and suction cup design. 


This vacuum handling solution is ideal for both, first and second-hand applications, meaning that excellent performance is guaranteed despite of integrational placement.  

 Moreover, based on our follow up data, we can proudly say that this gripping solution continues to deliver great results in different sectors of food processing industry. To name a few, we have observed significant improvements in automated handling of raw products (ex. meat, poultry, fish) and countless packaging operations.

The SofTouch Suction Solution enables to enhance the performance of robotic arm without compromising on safety, speed, nor quality. At all times operational environment and workpiece specifications are taken into consideration to insure both, optimal performance as well as safety of operators.

Advantages of SofTouch Suction Solution

Food contact suction cup

Food handling with less waste

We can guarantee that implementation of this gripping solution will initiate a prominent decrease in production waste. This is being insured through a custom-tailored approach, which means the development of our suction cups goes in conjunction with a comprehensive evaluation of texture, weight, size, temperature, and other relevant features of each workpiece.

Food safe materials

We only use the highest quality materials (silicone), which allows us to provide gentle and safe handling even under a high speed applications. Not to mention food contact compliance with FDA and EC regulations. Hygiene friendly design. Dishwasher compatibility.

Custom vacuum end of arm tooling

Custom design

Custom tailored approach allows us to deliver gripping solutions for nearly any packaging and handling tasks. We design single as well as multiple gripping solutions. Customized design enables to automate even a very complex tasks.

SofTouch Suction Solution Gallery


Complete End of Arm Tooling Solution
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We deliver complete gripping solution, which means ...


•  All hardware included.

• Everything is delivered with its own data sheet for easy after-sales.

• All parts are customized.

• Close communication and technical support.

• Solution is shipped for verification within 4 weeks


Reliability and Transparency

Working with us...


We strongly value a long-term relationship where reciprocity and mutual trust are essential for all parties .

In this regard, we use our first hand knowledge about handling possibilities and potential challenges with certain types of products and only give an independent and objective evaluation. We do not accept requests if we can not guarantee to deliver a top performing long term tooling solution. For us transparency and reliability come first.  

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SofTouch Suction cup Solution Series

Learn more about SofTouch Suction series and the tasks they handle

Vacuum suction cup for food industry

ST - vacuum suction cup series

This series of suction cups is designed to handle lighter products of various sizes. Starting from confectionary,  cookies and cupcakes and ending with sliced meat and other packaged goods. The final design of each ST cup is always product-tailored.

 Proven  great for:

• Meat  & Poultry

• Fish

• Vegetables & fruits

• Small to medium size bags

• Pastry, confectionary, products with toppings

custom suction pad for salmon sides

CS - vacuum suction cup series

CS – series  is a big sister of ST – range, which means it has the same functional principles but  is modified  to serve  medium to large products.  

The new modifications  enable to provide  safe handling s of heavier raw as well as  frozen  products . Equally  efficient for  first  and  second- hand applications.  Available in various designs.

 Proven  great for:

• Meat  & Poultry

• Fish

• Vegetables in the bags

• Cornflakes, oatmeal

• Other small to medium size packaged goods

suction pad pancakes handling

PAD - vacuum suction cup series

PAD series is designed to work with big and flat surfaces, where vacuum pressure needs to be evenly distributed between all contact points. PAD suction cups are great for handling all kinds of pancakes as well as for products in trays.  

 Proven  great for:

• Dessert pancakes

• Tortillas

• Product in the tray

Vacuum suction cup for industrial handling

GT - vacuum suction cup series

Gentle Touch (GT) series is developed to provide an extra gentle application for handling of raw salmon fillets. Remarkably gentle application is achieved by combining suction and gripping principles in a single silicone cup.

 Proven  great for:

• Raw salmon fillets

• Other fish fillets

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