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Vacuum gripper for packaging

Vacuum Grippers for packaging and food handling tasks

SofTouch Gripper Solution is comprised of 3 robotic gripper types, which are designed to address a wide array of handling and packaging tasks, where direct application of vacuum is not considered the optimal solution.

The SofTouch robotic vacuum grippers are a great substitution for mechanical end effectors when quality and stability improvements are at stake. Great for delicate and mark-prone products as well as for unhandy thermoformed or heavy bags.

The design of each robotic gripper series is developed to serve different food handling and packaging tasks, which allows us to cover the majority of product categories.

In this solution, we combine vacuum technology with ridged parts, making it possible to have a firm, yet gentle grip. 

Additionally, product tailored approach allows us to deliver the most efficient solution for a concrete robotic task. 

The integration of this gripper solution will give flexible pick and place handling with minimum maintenance needed.

Need to solve a more advanced lifting task? Let us develop it for you.

vacuum gripping system

Key features of SofTouch Vacuum Grippers

Flexible vacuum range

The SofTouch grippers are based on a semi-closed system, which allows to perform applications with both high and low vacuum. Recommended vacuum level is between 200-400 mbar.

Custom gripper dimensions

We develop custom tailored solutions and dimensions of our end effectors depend on the tasks and workpieces. General dimensions are the following: a) 4 fingers principle, round, Ø 40-220 mm, b) 2 fingers principle, square, 40-250 mm width and 100-350 mm length.

Compatible with all robots

Our solutions can be mounted on all robots and cobots.


Payload capacity ranges from 200 g to 6 kg.

Food Safety

All our solutions are safe for food contact. Compliance with FDA and EC regulations.

Tool weight

Ranges from 400 g - 3,5 kg.

SofTouch Gripper Solution Gallery

SofTouch Gripper Solution Types

soft robotic gripper

GR - 400

The robotic vacuum Gripper GR-400 is ideal for handling gentle products, which are prone to the formation of marks at the points of contact or/and have an irregular shape. A safe application is insured by a protective layer of silicone underneath all fingers. Hygienic design. Ideal for chicken tights and squid handling or any other products that require ultra-soft handling. Available in various sizes.

Proven great for:

• Poultry

• Fish

• Delicate confectionary/bars

soft robotic gripper

GR - 500

The robotic vacuum Gripper GR-500 is designed for the automated moving of cans, round containers, and other alike goods which may not be touched on the top. Ideal for fast and reliable packing into boxes in a tight pattern. Each finger has a silicone cover at the point of contact, thereby allowing to avoid marks and improve stability. The size of the gripper and its fingers are tailor-made. 

Proven great for:

• Cans and containers

• Round baked goods

• Other 

vacuum gripping system

GR - 600

The robotic vacuum Gripper GR-600 is developed for lifting a wide array of medium to large-size packaged goods (chicken in a bag, potatoes in a bag, onion in a net, etc). Provides fast and reliable packing application. Available in various sizes. The fingers and spatulas are tailor-made. The payload is up to 6kg. 

Proven great for:

• Goods in flexible packaging

• Goods in net 

•  Other packaged goods

Efficiency - Reliability - High Performance

Robotic gripper with extra delicate grip

The GR-400 vacuum gripper is an excellent tool for a broad spectrum of primary packaging applications, especially for handling imprints-sensitive or fragile goods. The gripper has a hygienic design which helps to reduce the risks of contamination from bacterial buildups. 

Gripper system for packing of round-shaped goods

The GR-500 gripper is a great choice for high-speed packing applications where for instance, small cans or containers need to be packed into boxes. The tool approaches containers from above and wraps its fingers around the item’s body without applying vacuum force on the lid.

Vacuum Gripping system for packing tasks

The GR-600 gripper is an excellent selection for the pick-and-place application of heavier goods in various packaging formats. The payload capacity of this gripper can be up to 6 kg, depending on the actual tailor-made size of the tool.

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