Robot Tool Changer - QuickZhift System


Quick change

Simple and quick change of end effectors. Press the sides and slide out. Slide a new tool in until clicks.

quick change system for robotic tooling


High vacuum flow applications with no tangled hoses. Improved safety and performance.

Vacuum Swivel for robot tool changer

Easy to mount

Innovative adapter kit compatible with all robots and tooling types. Custom adapter parts available.

Adapter kit for end effectors


Quick change of robotic tooling

Simple and innovative Robot Tool Changer QZ-75

Our innovative robot tool changer QuickZhift 75 enables effortless change of tooling and provides safety and flexibility for any automated food and packaging applications. Fits on all robots and compatible with all types of tooling. Easy to mount. Simple to maintain. 


QuickZhift 55

Connector for high-speed applications

Flexible tool changer system QuickZhift 55

QuickZhift 55 system is developed for high-speed tasks where products need to be delivered into low trays or containers. Ideal match for a broad spectrum of automated applications. Simple, light weighted and hygienic. Fits on all industrial robots and can be used with the majority of end of arm tooling.