Custom Gripping Solutions for packaging and food handling

Food safe

Our products are compliant with FDA and EC food safety regulations.

Custom design

Custom design with product in mind. Development of system with multiple grippers.

High efficiency

Improved safety and stability under high-speed applications

SofTouch Suction Cups

hygienic and efficient

SofTouch Suction cup Solution

SofTouch Suction cup Solution entails 4 series of custom suction cups that are designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of robotic packaging and food handling tasks. Soft silicone combined with innovative design facilitates a tight yet soft seal of the product, making it a great gripping solution for gentle and mark-prone workpieces.   

SofTouch Gripper Solution

SofTouch Gripper Solution entails 3 series of custom soft suction grippers for packaging applications as well as for direct food contact pick and place handling. The excellence of this vacuum solution is based on the combination of soft silicone with rigid parts, enabling to improve stability without compromising on the sensitivity of the grip. 

SofTouch Grippers

Soft end effectors for great stability